An Introduction to My Storytelling

"Paschal the Rascal," Lexington Spellbinder

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     ...Five years ago, I unexpectedly found that Lexington, my hometown, had its own chapter of Spellbinders. Spellbinders is a national nonprofit group connecting seniors with children through Storytelling. This is it, Ahh, at last. I knew I had found what I wanted to do when I grew up. Amazing grace!

     Now five years afterwards, I am triply hooked. My last full school year saw me performing for more than 3,000 school children in twelve locations.
Wow! I never expected to have this large measure of joy and delight. My wife says I have always been a "ham" at heart.
Now certified as a Spellbinder trainer, I also engaged in training others, as well as teaching courses in the Power of Storytelling, for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Kentucky. Several of us Spellbinders also perform for Kentucky's Wandering Storytelling series held monthly in downtown Lexington.
I have authored two books applying stories to the workplace and to resolve personal conflict and leadership.

My favorite audience...
My favorite audience...
Paschal is accepting invitations to perform for children and adults in community groups, schools, churches, and parties.

     Dr. Baute also speaks to community groups, PTA's, parents, teachers, and fraternal groups on "How Storytelling Nurtures the Human Spirit," and how to start your own Stloryteling club. He teaches with the University of Kentucky OLLI program on the power and practice of storytelling.
Paschal can be reached at You can also contact him here.

REFERENCES to Paschal's storytelling with children and with adults upon request.

1 Storytelling: Mystery, Power and Genius is partly finished and being submitted to several publishers. 28 chapters, about one half complete.