Current Consulting

Psychological Screening: Firefighter recruits and Public Bus Driver candidates, clerical and monastic candidates for ongoing.

Human Resource Management: Organized and led task force to develop new core curriculum for Midway College School for Career Development, Completed April, 2004.

Community Activities: Organized, with Paul Stadler, Notre Dame Club of Lexington, Newman Center at University of Kentucky, the Christian - Muslim Dialogue group, and the Spiritual Growth Network, four dialogues, November, 2004

Correctional Setting: Development of an integrated spiritual and psychological approach to rehabilitation for the Fayette County Detention Center: The Fierce Landscape for the Spiritual Warrior. Recruited volunteer leaders for this. Program begins its third year this month, February, 2005. Highly supported by Correctional chaplain and administration. This is a model program developed out of 17 years of correctional setting, integrating psychological and spiritual growth and addiction experience that can be replicated. Model Handbook of some 35 pages already complete for other organizations to use. See blog on this program listed via

College teaching: Courses for non-traditional students, Midway College, in Social Ethics, Business Communication,, Leadership and courses in Human Resource Management. 2002-05

Introducing personality assessment of gifts and blind side to adults, using Managing for Success DISC reports; Conduct management conferences in Communication Effectiveness.

Leading retreats, e.g., "Discernment of Spiritual Gifts" and " Sex and the Sacred" at Spirituality retreat for Ohio Psychologists, February, 2005.

Conducted Workshop on Conflict Management: a New Creative and Effective Approach" at the annual Ohio Psychological Association annual convention, Columbus, Ohio, October, 2004

Co-facilitating activities of the Spiritual Growth Network, weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings. See website listed above.

Leads online discussion via Wayne Oates Institute, Louisville, Kentucky in courses such as "Finding a Common Language: Spiritual Dynamics in Caregiving" for health care personnel, chaplains, counselors and nurses. "Our purpose is to provide an awareness and beginning skills for those who seek to be spiritual nurturers in a pluralism of faiths and professional disciplines." My paper was "Beyond Words: the Language is Mystery." posted at

Witnessing weddings, Amazing Grace Chapel,

Developing Writing blogs and introducing blogging to other professionals, co-writing articles accepted for publication: Ministry in Your Pajamas: Blogging 101, and Blogging 101 for Psychologists, in cooperation with Alan Dix.

Rewriting Leadership and the Dark Side, from book finished three years ago on How Managers Undermine and Sabotage themselves, Hidden Lions. 36 chapters, and extended appendices. This was taught as a college course in 2003, Pitfalls in Leadership, Midway College.

Continue to write on the integration of psychology, science and the Wisdom traditions, that is, the interface between well-ness and spirituality. See "Summons to Write" page, and blogs on Healthy Spirituality, Love's Poetry, Stories of God, and the Human Shadow: Discovering.