Research Papers

1. Summary of Firefighter screening 1982-1999. "Using Psychological Screening to Select Top Performers in Firefighting, an article in preparation for Personnel Psychology. This illustrates what can be and has been done through a well designed system with comments from administrators at the end. 15 pages, 7 figures, 3 tables.

2. "Role of the Psychologist in Expert Witnessing: Falsiability. Journal article published in May-June 1999 issue demonstrating changes in forensics affecting all psychological testimony, and indirectly Screening and Risk Management.

3. Most recent research paper, presented at 14th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Atlanta, Georgia, April, 1999, "Six Strategies for Supporting Personality Assessment Without Large Validation Studies." Baute and Mead.

4. Forensic Research to advance Risk Management in all phases of corporate forensic exposure is now published in an article, published in two parts: "Expert Witnessing and Daubert: Is Your Expert Witnessing Ready for a Daubert / Kumho Challenge?" in The Forensic Examiner, March/April and May/June, 2000, issues. Volume 9, 3-6. This is an overview of recent paradigm shifts in federal and state law.

5. Report on the Psychological Screening of Public School Bus Drivers
Upon the Completion of Seven Years, January 1995 to January 2002
Paschal B. Baute, Ed. D., Consulting Psychologist

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