Paschal has focused on the power of imagery, mental rehearsal and attitude in sports performance for many years. He has helped athletes perform at championship levels. He was an Athletic Instructor in the U.S. Army, a Physical Education major at University of Notre Dame, and has coached at three levels: high school, college and military service.

Paschal is also trained and experienced in the use of hypnosis to enhance sports performance. He himself has medals or championships in seven sports. He is the former President of the Bluegrass Hypnosis Society and member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and trained in Neurolinguistic Programming. He used hypnosis in Smoking Cessation for many years with 85% success rate, also with appetite control and addictive disorders.

Recently, a former client called to remind him of the success he had in batting a season average of .598 in fast pitch softball. He wanted hypnosis to help him with his short putting game in golf where he was starting to choke. Stan (not hsi real name) said that he was a good hitter with a lifetime average of 480 something, but the year he got a session from me he hit almost 600, and felt like Ted Williams whenever he came to bat.

Paschal works as a volunteer in a program he has created for addictive offenders at the county jail, to help them realize and accomplish the personal transformation necessary for change.

Paschal had 29 boxing matches on the college and U.S. Army military levels, with 21 wins. He held the welterweight championship in the Far Eastern Command (Japan, Okinawa, Phillippines, Guam, Hawaii, etc), and the welterweight Bengal Bouts championship at University of Notre Dame.

He and his wife are still avid skiers and love winter-time. He is available for consultation in sports performance.