Building High Performing Teams

Paschal teaches and can install a training program for Building High Performing Teams.

A high performing team is not just a group of persons who have learned how to cooperate with each others. True teams have a commitment to a shared mission and vision, a high level of trust, effective partnering and shared leadership. High performing teams utilize the strengths of each member to achieve measured bottom-line results.

This program of 6 modules involves the entire organization in the experience, education and training of each team member to accomplish their mission.

The training utilizes lecture, simulation, team activities, individual and group assessments. It teaches a mental model for understanding and motivating behavior. The process is designed to be delivered in 2 to 4 hour blocks or over a two day period if preferred. Once installed, the program can be taught by local organizational leaders.

Expected results:
Uncover issues that block team progress, improve communication, reduce conflict and stress, increase productivity, improve produce quality and customer service, reduce turnover and workman's comp claims, improve morale and performance, reduce grievances, provide an action plan for continuing improvement, and increase creativity.

Training objectives:
Each organization is different, yet there is a commonality for all organizations to move to a high performing team process.

You and your personnel will:

This program allows each organization to customize the process for their individual applications.
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