Who is "Paschal Baute?"

Paschal was born and baptized Bernard, to a physician father and nurse mother, and a grandson also of a Somerset, Kentucky physician. He received the name “Paschal” as a Benedictine monk and kept that name when he resigned after 16 years in the monastery of St., Leo, Florida. There he also taught school, coached sports, and was the first Dean of Student Affairs at St. Leo College, now Saint Leo University.

His early faith was nourished by the sisters of Lorette, whose motherhouse and retreat house at Knobs Haven he still visits regularly.

Paschal is blessed in having several avenues for service, interfaith, peer mentoring group for spiritual growth, a prison ministry, storytelling, a wedding chapel ministry for people of all faiths, teaching HRM for Midway College, bridging body mind spirit disciplines for total wellness and writing.

Together with Janette Osborne Mobley, (his snow bunny partner who got the entire family into downhill skiing for her 50th birthday) they have three children and three grandchildren.

Paschal has “worn many work hats:” Athletic Director, U. S., Army enlisted, monk, coach (high school, college and military), priest, psychotherapist, community activist, educator, writer, organizational psychologist and lately, storyteller.

Currently he teaches Human Resource Management courses for Midway College, facilitates the Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky, is officiant at weddings at Amazing Grace Chapel and elsewhere, and tells stories as a Spellbinder in public elementary schools.

In applying psychology to the workplace, he conducted workshops in team building and leadership and career development, while consulting with over 50 organization in central Kentucky.. Psychological screening for hiring and placement for managers, firefighters and public school bus drivers, has been a focus of his work. He has published over 300 articles and three books.

Paschal graduated from Kentucky Military Institute and has several degrees: St. Benedict College (B. S.), University of Notre Dame, (A. B. ,cum laude), Loyola University of Chicago, (M.A. Psychology), University of Pennsylvania, (Ed. D. Psychology and Marriage Counseling) and a divinity degree from St. Leo Abbey Seminary.

His current joys are playing with his grandkids, skiing and working outdoors with his wife, telling stories as a Spellbinder, his wedding ministry and catching stories of “Presence” to empower others. Despite knee replacement surgery, he and his wife still ski regularly.

He also enjoys wondering and writing about total mind body spirit wellness, building bridges between psychology, health, religion and spirituality. These subjects will be found on his blogs.

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