Amazing Grace Chapel
Amazing Grace Chapel - along historic Midland Trail - pioneer stagecoach route west, dating to the 1750s, one of main routes westward after the Revolutionary War.

This is a beautiful outdoor chapel in East Fayette County, just of Winchester Road, US 60, nine miles for New Circle Road. The chapel is located on a private home residence, not a public place, in a clearing of several acres, surrounded by trees, flower beds, lake, fountain and a wildlife preserve. Pictures do not do it justice.

The wedding area includes a gazebo, lake overview of fountain, and a labyrinth. We have some 15 small flower gardens. Reservations are necessary. You may make an appointment to inspect. We do not offer receptions.

We have Plan B, a nice back-up room in case of inclement weather. Believe it or not, we have had rain only in about one in a hundred weddings. This is of course, no promise, but we believe angels smile on weddings held in "God’s Cathedral of Nature."

We do not have any special requirements for you to be married, all faiths accepted. Make your vows with a minister who respects your personal faith choices and who will help you design your own unique ceremony. You may choose your own prayers or none.

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